6.09.2019Bayer 04

Bosz: Sinkgraven is ready

Head coach Peter Bosz can be well satisfied with the return from 04 matches. The Werkself are through to the next round of the DFB Cup and have picked up seven points from the first three league games. Before our Dutch coach headed off to Hamburg to watch the international between Germany and the Netherlands, he stated his position on a number of current issues. Here is his interview.

Peter Bosz on...

...the international between Germany and the Netherlands: “It will definitely be fun. Two teams are playing each other where I know a number of the players. I'm assuming Germany will win. They are at home and strong in every position. Above all with Jona, Jule and Kai: If Joachim Löw plays the three of them then Holland don't stand a chance. (He says with a smile).”

...the Bayer 04 injury list: “With the exception of Joel Pohjanpalo, all the players have been training for the last three weeks. I'm happy about that. That meant we were able to do a lot in terms of fitness and our way of playing. Our tasks as coaches consists of being able to put the best players on the pitch, to continually improve their fitness and ensure they play well together. We're on the right path. The players are fresh and fit.”

...Daley Sinkgraven: “The pace of the game in the Bundesliga is higher than in the Eredivisie. He'll have to get used to that. You don't even have much time in training as I always expect 100 per cent from my players. They close down space and you have to think and act quickly. Daley is ready now. I never worried about signing him.”

...Sinkgraven's game: “Daley is a former attacker who moved back under me. He can be very aggressive and he has to be. At the same time he's a good player. He rarely loses possession and plays a good final ball. And he's also very consistent. He played the whole season under me at Ajax.”

...chances of playing for national teams at Bayer 04: “The example of Lucas Alario shows you can make yourself available for the national team here. It is possible. Lucas hasn't played for a long time but he earned his call up with good performances in the final stages of last season. The same applies to Wendell. I can't really judge how good the competition is in the Brazil team but I'm sure they follow his performances back home in Brazil.”

...Wendell's development: “It's crucial for him: He has to be focused. If he does that then he has great quality – both offensively and defensively. If he doesn't do that then he drops off and doesn't have the desire. As in the friendly against Watford. But his development is good. Absolutely. He looks more solid than in the second half of last season. I can't say whether that's linked to having Daley as competition or whether he feels the confidence of the coach now. And his German continues to improve. And it's good for him that he is now on the team committee. He's taking on more responsibility. For example, for Moussa Diaby. If you look at the two together then you get the impression that Wendell speaks French. (He laughs). He can’t actually speak a word… Of course, Wendell is a great guy. But the only thing that counts in the end is his performance on the pitch.”


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