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Match details: FAQs about Leipzig home game

If the infection rate allows it, the Werkself will play a Bundesliga home game at the BayArena in front of fans for the first time since the beginning of March. There is huge anticipation on all sides – but the pandemic is still with us as before. That means there are strict regulations relating to the clash with RB Leipzig. provides answers to FAQs on the first home game in the Bundesliga this term…


1. Where can I park my car?
You can park your car at Kurtekotten as usual (Otto-Bayer-Str., Cologne).

2. Will the shuttle buses be running on the day of the match?
Yes, the shuttle buses will be running from Kurtekotten to the BayArena and returning after the game. There is no additional option provided by WUPSI (for example, Löwenlinie).

3. When do the shuttle buses start running?
The shuttle buses run two hours before kick-off and up to one hour after the final whistle.

4. Can I use the car parks under the motorway bridge?
The car parks can only be used with a valid parking permit.

5. Is my ticket valid for travel on the ÖPNV network?
No, the ticket cannot currently be used for travel on buses and rail due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Access control

1. When is the BayArena accessible?
The BayArena opens as usual two hours before kick-off.

2. Will there be identity checks on the day of the match?
There will be identity checks in adherence with hygiene regulations.

3. Are there drop-off points for bags and rucksacks on the day of the match?
No, all the drop-off points are closed. Spectators with bags, which are bigger than A4, will not be admitted to the BayArena.

4. What can I take into the BayArena?
That is subject to the current stadium regulations. These are available on the website:

5. Am I allowed to bring in my own hand sanitiser?
Yes, provided it adheres to the fire safety regulations ("low-flammable") and it does not contain more than 50 ml.

6. Can I bring my flag or my fan club banner?
Please contact fan liaison ahead of the game (via email to

7. Which entrance can I use?
Please use the entrance nearest to your block.

8. Can I move freely around the whole stadium?
No, all the sectors are currently isolated due to the current situation.

Ticket information

1. What should I do if I forget my ticket or I can't produce it?
Come to our clearing desks (OST/WEST Service). We will reprint your ticket.

2. Can I upgrade my ticket (for example from a child to an adult)?
No, you cannot upgrade your ticket for the game against RB Leipzig. All ticket desks will be closed on the day of the match.

3. Can I pass on my ticket if I can't use it myself?
Yes, you can pass on your ticket amongst your friend and acquaintance circle. We will contact you in the event the health authority carries out track and trace. You have to inform us who has used the ticket (see also our special terms and conditions)

4. Are there special tickets for children up to the age of three?
If you'd like to bring your child with you then you can collect a 'lap' ticket from the clearing desk.

5. Are there 'referees cards'?
No, we are not currently offering 'referees cards' on matchdays.


1. When do the clearing desks open?
The clearing desks (OST/WEST Service) open two hours before kick-off. The AWAY Service conter is closed.

2. Can I visit the Schwadbud before the game?
No, the Schwadbud is closed on the day of the match.

3. What payment methods can I use at the BayArena?
You can only use contactless payment. Therefore, we recommend you bring your Girocard or credit card. All the payment counters are closed. It will not be possible to charge your BayArena Card.

4. Where can I get snacks and drinks?
The kiosks on the concourse at the BayArena are open and offer a reduced range of food and drinks. Please note you are only allowed to eat and drink at your seat at the BayArena. The kiosks will close before kick-off.

5. Are alcoholic drinks available to buy?
No, there are only non-alcoholic drinks available to buy on the day of the match. People who are visibly intoxicated will not be allowed access to the stadium.

6. Can I buy fan merchandise on the day of the match?
Yes, our fan shop on the piazza opens two hours before kick-off. The other fan merchandise counters are closed. Please note the sector allocation on the day of the match. The piazza fan shop is only accessible for ticket holders in Blocks F1 to F9. The best option is to obtain your Werkself fan merchandise before the game at or from our fan shops in Wiesdorf and Bergisch Gladbach.

Conduct in the stadium

1. What do I have to look out for on the day of the match?
Your ticket also includes our hygiene regulations. You will find everything you need to know for the matchday.

2. Can I change my seat on the day of the match and sit with my friends and acquaintances?
No, you are only allowed to sit in the seat that we have allocated to you.

3. Do I have to wear a face mask?
Yes, you have to wear a face mask in the stadium. You can take it off at your seat. But we recommend you wear your face mask all the time.

4. Am I allowed to smoke at the BayArena?
No, there is a smoking ban throughout the BayArena. Please note: The smoking ban does not just apply to the stands but also throughout all areas of the BayArena.

5. Can I leave the BayArena at any time?
Yes, you can leave the BayArena at any time. Please note your ticket is no longer valid once you have left the BayArena.

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