Bayer 04 Jersey History

Ostermeier and Schick

When our footballers lined up for a team photo in October 1908, they are wearing their black "costumes", as sportswear was called in those days, with a red collar and arm cuffs. Their new crest with the Bayer lion was emblazoned on their left breast above the heart, showing their attachment to their employer. The club colours of the "Turn- und Spielverein der Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedrich Bayer & Co. In Leverkusen" are black and white, and the footballers wore these colours alternately with their black and red in the early years. But by 1923 at the latest, when the footballers found their own club for reasons of sporting politics, these become their main colours. In January 1929 their kits changed and for the next two years they were no longer the "Black and Reds", but more the "Orange and Blues".

At a general meeting in December 1935, it was decided that the kit will consist of wine-red jerseys, black shorts and black socks from now on. In addition, from May 1936, the Bayer Cross also appeared as the club emblem on their chest.

The jerseys remain in wine red until 1958, the only outlier being a home game against Duisburger SV, who wanted to play in exactly the same jerseys in January 1955 in the old city park. The Werkself received neighbourly help and won the game 2-0 with borrowed jerseys from BV Wiesdorf.

From 1960 onwards, there was a large array of different jerseys over the next 20 years, including a royal white and a surprising sky blue. The unification of the two clubs TuS 04 and Bayer 04 into TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen in 1984 also brought with it a new club colour. To the chagrin of many Bayer 04 fans, these were now red and white, but in 1994, at the insistence of Bayer 04 fans, the footballers returned to their roots and wore black and red striped jerseys. These colours have remained our colours to this day.

The season refers to the season in which the jersey was first worn, regardless of whether it was worn for several seasons. In addition, jerseys worn for the first time at the end of a season are assigned to the following season.


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