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Business events and large-scale occasions

Versatile and with extraordinary possibilities, the BayArena is the perfect venue for professional business events and impressive large-scale occasions. The all-rounder among the most modern football stadiums boasts sophisticated technology and plenty of free space from top to bottom. On non-matchdays, you have an ideal venue for events, workshops or conferences. You decide on the line-up, we recommend the right tactics and ensure the best conditions.

At the venue of the world’s most favourite pastime, your business becomes the most important thing - and that includes stoppage and extra time. The stadium also fulfils the highest requirements for everything from an easy run-out right up to debriefing and regeneration. The BayArena - the ideal playing field for your business event.



Ursula Inden
Tim Bauer
Katharina Bell
Michèle Coiffard
Michèle Coiffard

Leon Goetz
Celinia Valenzuela
Celinia Valenzuela


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