Volunteers have been on duty at every Werkself home game in domestic and international competitions since February 2008. The volunteer project was originally meant to be limited to period during the renovation works at the BayArena. But within a very short time, the tireless helpers proved to be indispensable. The volunteers have long since ceased to be a temporary project and are now a regular part of those on duty for Bayer 04 on every matchday.

Team Volunteers

Volunteers carry out their work on a purely voluntary basis; Bayer 04 is a matter close to their heart. First and foremost, the volunteers should make the visitors' stay at the stadium as pleasant as possible. Therefore, helpfulness, team spirit and reliability as well as an open and communicative manner are basic requirements for a successful assignment. Due to the varying kick-off times of the Bundesliga on weekends or European competitions during the week, time flexibility is important. Knowledge of foreign languages is welcome, as this always helps to make our international guests feel at home. Therefore, native speakers from Mexico, Croatia, Russia or Turkey can be found among the volunteers. However, mastering a foreign language is not a hiring criterion.

Although volunteers work without pay, they also get something back for their work. The main focus here is on the social component. For example, they can experience the game up close and personal together, except for the first and last five minutes, are catered for in the stadium and can reflect on the game long after the final whistle over a drink in their own volunteer room in the heart of the BayArena. They get a look behind the scenes and play their part in making the stadium visit an unforgettable experience for the guests. Furthermore, they receive a complete work uniform from the official outfitter and there are always events such as the Christmas party or away trips that promote the community. The focus is always on fun, togetherness and the love of football.

Range of duties

Team North/East

For many visitors to the stadium, volunteers on Bismarckstraße are the first point of contact with the club. In particular, visitors who travel to the BayArena on service or shuttle buses immediately encounter our volunteers on arrival at the stadium. The primary duty of the volunteers is to have the right answer for the many questions from the supporters and to help control the flow of spectators. You will see our volunteers near to the East Service desk as well as on the concourses inside and outside the stadium.

Team West

In contrast to the Team North/East, the volunteers in this team are mainly found within the stadium. In addition to set places near the Bayer 04 Shop and in front of the North-West entrance, the volunteers are very active on and before the Piazza to provide guests with answers to their questions.

Field team

The volunteers in the field team are not positioned directly at the BayArena. The location of these volunteers is at the Dhünn bridge in the direction of Leverkusen-Mitte station, near the stadium corner and under the motorway bridge. There, they will welcome the visiting fans from the buses and answer all questions about the BayArena. A service that is very much appreciated by our away fans.

Indoor team

The volunteers of the indoor team start their duties three hours before kick-off and take on responsible tasks directly on and around the pitch: They place the advertising carpets, set up the presenter's table, lay the centre circle tarpaulin and assist with various activities of the advertising partners. During the match, the volunteers in the indoor team place the balls around the pitch and make sure that the advertising carpets are placed correctly.

Team Airdancer

Emotions in the stadium: Here, too, the volunteers provide support from the sidelines! The so-called Airdancers are positioned along the pitch on the east side and are an eye-catcher when the Werkself enters the pitch and scores goals, creating a good atmosphere.

Press team

The upper tier and press team is at home in the upper tier on the west side. On the one hand, the volunteers will be on hand to answer general questions from spectators. On the other hand, they are the contact persons for the journalists in the press tribune. Before the match, they test the screens and distribute the team line-up to the journalists. In winter, they also distribute blankets in the press box. In case of technical problems, the volunteers are also the first point of contact for the press representatives.

Team Flag Children

Volunteers here assist with the children who welcome the players with flags ahead of kick-off. They help with the supervision of the children in the run-up to kick-off and make sure that all the children are in the right place at the right time on the pitch to welcome our team.

Pitch Team