2.07.2023Bayer 04

Andrich rehab progressing on schedule

On a well deserved summer holiday on the Mediterranean coast or at the BayArena: Robert Andrich has been working hard on making his comeback over the past days and weeks. The 28-year-old Werkself player suffered a fractured metatarsal in his left foot during the season run-in and is currently in rehab. In an interview with, Andrich shared insights into his training programme on the Mediterranean. He also talked about the satisfactory healing process to date and looks forward to the coming 2023/24 season…

Welcome back to Leverkusen, Rob. Have you able to enjoy the time off and switch off a bit from football?

Andrich: Yes, definitely! We had a great time in Ibiza and Rhodes as well. Particularly in Greece there was almost a guarantee of top weather. I've picked up a bit of colour – from the sun and the tattoo artist. (He laughs)

Have you been in contact with your teammates?

Andrich: Now and again. I've often been in touch with Lombo (Niklas Lomb, ed.) in writing by phone and sometimes a bit later in the day too. (He laughs) Whenever a French song gets played on holiday, which Amine (Adli, ed.) often used to play, then his phone would ring. He found that really funny.

You suffered a fractured metatarsal in your left foot in Rome in the middle of May and have been on the sidelines since. How did you combine your rehab programme with your holiday?

Andrich: I had a break for a couple of days at the start to come down a bit. After that there was training nearly every day. I had eight sessions in eleven days in Greece, which I mostly did in a fitness studio in the morning.

What was contact like with the rehab section at Bayer 04 during that time?

Andrich: They gave me a detailed training plan. For stamina work it was mainly on a bike or cross trainer. Exercises for strengthening the legs, for the upper body and ad hoc training were on the agenda. There was actually little contact because I didn't have any problems. Rehab training has gone well.

Are you satisfied with the healing process to date?

Andrich: Yes, definitely. We are on schedule according to the doctors. That gives me confidence. I have had little experience with healing processes like this as it's my first more serious injury. Of course, I hope it carries on like that. I'll do all I can for that.



You’ve returned from holiday earlier the most of your teammates to carry on working in the Werkstatt at the BayArena. Who's keeping you company at the moment?

Andrich: Odi (Odilon Kossounou, ed.) is here but his rehab is a bit further on. And Piero (Hincapie, ed.) is also back. He’s just starting his programme. We all keep each other company and help each other where we can.

What's on the agenda for you in the next days and weeks?

Andrich: It’s still somewhat difficult to predict a particular point in time when I'll be back on the pitch or training with the team. At the moment, we’re looking at how the foot reacts to the increased workload. I think I'll go to the training camp. My aim is to complete a couple of sessions there. We'll have to see how many that is at the end of the day. But the main thing is to be as close as possible to the lads.

Close contact with teammates can certainly be helpful during the not always straightforward time in rehab…

Andrich: Absolutely! I've got nearly three weeks here in the Werkstatt before the squad comes back. I want to catch up as much as possible in that time. The conditions here for treatment and training can't be beaten.

What are you all expecting this season?

Andrich: The most important thing for me first of all is to come back and get fit. In general, it's always difficult to set targets at a time like this at the start of the preseason. We want to build on the last five or six months and maintain the mentality and commitment, which we've often shown. We will give our all from the first day to be completely ready for the first match.


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