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Service for the blind


Völlig neu war die Idee nicht, aber Bayer 04 hat den Blindenservice als erster Bundesligist überhaupt in Deutschland angeboten. Nach enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Fanclub „Sehhunde“ feierte der Blindenservice schließlich am 15. Oktober 1999 Premiere in der BayArena. Seit diesem Datum haben blinde und sehbehinderte Fußball-Fans bei Bayer 04 die Möglichkeit, die Spiele der Werkself in einem extra eingerichteten Bereich auf der Südtribüne zu verfolgen. Neben der Atmosphäre im Stadion sorgt ein Kommentator dafür, dass die Blinden den Spielverlauf nachvollziehen können.

Auf der Südtribüne stehen pro Heimspiel permanent 18 Sitzplätze im Bereich H4 für Blinde  zur Verfügung. Zwei Sehbehinderten-Karten inklusive der Begleiter-Karten gehen an den Gastklub. Über einen normalen Anschluss am Sitz können die sehbehinderten Fans den Kommentar über einen mitgebrachten oder ausgeliehenen Kopfhörer empfangen. 



Wheelchair users are at home in the South Stand at the BayArena. Here there are a total of 58 places in H2 to 3 and there is a seat for each accompanying person. Due to the exact planning of the area, all the seats have very a very good view of the pitch. Beyond that, Bayer 04 place great value on the comfort of disabled fans who cannot walk. For example, blankets are handed out in the winter.

The demand for wheelchair spaces is very large. Five of the in demand tickets (including a accompanying person) go to the away club and the rest of the tickets are given out as season cards with few tickets going on open sale.


deaf services

Since the start of the 2017/18 season, there have been 24 allocated seats in area F14 for people with impaired hearing and the deaf at the BayArena. Some of these seats are already occupied by season card holders. Two tickets for fans with impaired hearing go to the visiting club.

From 30 minutes before kick-off, a sign language interpreter is available for the people with hearing difficulties.


seating areas

At the BayArena, 19 special seats for people with temporary movement restriction and eight seats for large fans (in height or width) were installed in Block H3. The seats stand out with lots of free legroom and few steps plus handrails. Five special seats with handrails for the people have difficulty walking were also installed in the areas B1 and F1.

Please note: In the area be for and F1, fans can give up their rollators and/or wheelchairs. That is for those who use them as an aid but are still able to move around independently in the stadium. Spaces are watched by security but leaving things there is at your own risk. The special entrance can be used to enter to the BayArena.


Handicap parking spaces

Way to BayArena

Car Park P10 opposite the BayArena on Bismarckstraße is the car park for the disabled. This car park is exclusively to be used with blue EU Rolli parking tickets. To get a Bayer 04 parking spot around the BayArena requires the provision of a severely disabled ID (at least 70% with the initial G or A G) .To apply, the B04 contract number should be given as well as the parking ticket is a copy (front and back) and sent by email to After submission of the application, a parking ticket will be applied for by ticketing and confirmed according to availability.

Alternatively, disabled fans can also use the barrier-free shuttle bus service from wupsi



Disability Officer: Andreas "Paffi" Paffrath

+49 (0) 214/8660 860 /  +49 (0) 151 58040095



Bayer 04-Servicecenter

  +49 (0) 214/5000 1904