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Tell me, Daley: Sinkgraven on pea soup and circles of chairs

From the city of canals to the Rhineland: Daley Sinkgraven joined the Werkself from the top Dutch club Ajax in the summer of 2019. Bayer 04 is the first club abroad for the left back. Reason enough to ask the 24-year-old for a couple of secret tips and anecdotes about his home country.

Daley, what would you describe as being typically Dutch?
We Dutch people are very down-to-earth and we want to be simple people without any extravagance.

What do you particularly love about your homeland?
Of course, my family and friends. All the people around my hometown of Assen are very nice and helpful. But I also love the food because it's something special: There are tourists who only come here because of that.

Which place in the Netherlands should Bayer 04 fans definitely go and visit?
There's only one answer: Amsterdam. I can only recommend anybody who hasn't been to the city to make the trip. I love the city and the people there who make our capital so special.

Do you have a secret tip for tourists?
In the summer, you definitely have to go to Giethoorn, which is known as the Venice of the North because of all its canals and waterways and it's definitely one of the most romantic places in our country. It's a small place near Drenthe and close to my birthplace Assen.



Sinkgraven names Giethoorn as a secret tip for tourists.

Let's move onto you and your likes. What's your favourite Dutch dish?
Even if it doesn't come from the Netherlands, I really like Erwtensoep (pea soup, ed.). But I also like eating other Dutch specialties like croquettes, bitterballs, rissoles and pancakes. That makes me feel very close to my home country.

Do you have a favourite Dutch artist?
Yes, the designer Pablo Lucker. He designed my suit for the Life after Football fashion award that I was nominated for in 2017.

Who are your 04 best Dutch players of all time?
Johann Cruyff, Dennis Bergkamp, Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten.


For Sinkgraven, Dennis Bergkamp is one of the best Dutch players of all time.

Is there anything about your fellow countrymen that you don't like that much?
I'll have to think about that… In my opinion, a lot of Dutch people are not patient enough whether they're in traffic, in their daily routine or wherever. For a lot of people in lots of areas things can't happen quick enough.

To finish off, can you tell us… What's the least known thing about you Dutch people?
On birthdays or other celebrations, we sit in a circle of chairs and keep hold of them for the duration of the event.

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