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Miscellaneous: ‘Das Erholungshaus’

A year after the foundation of TuS 04 it becomes clear that the sports hall provided by the Farbenfabriken at the works is no longer up to standard. Firstly, the welcoming but small hall is too small for the growing number of members and, secondly, it is too far away from Wiesdorf where most of the workers and staff of the Farbenfabriken live. So the committee of the gymnastics clubs asked for a bigger sports hall and that is approved by the Farbenfabriken board.
Bayer AG, Bayer Archives Leverkusen

A wonderful hall is built in Wiesdorf in two years: the Erholungshaus (recreation house). The new sports hall is opened on 13 September 1908. It is fitted with up-to-date gymnastics equipment and a fold-out stage under which there is an equally large pit of sawdust that enables both long and high jump as well as shot putt to be practised. For a short time it is the home of TuS 04. A month later, the club celebrates the fourth foundation festival in the brilliant hall of the new recreation house. A high point is the presentation of the flag donated by Carl Duisberg, which is still in existence today. Now there was space for all sporting activities. And in today's recreation park there is a sports and playground.



The hall in the Erholungshaus, with rows of chairs, has a capacity capacity of 1,200 and is the biggest in Wiesdorf providing for events from other works clubs. The members of the TuS 04 committee bear that with a grumble. But unavoidable is the use of the hall over several weeks for exhibitions. The most persistent applicant is obviously the theatre group of the Farbenfabriken who can very well use both the stage and the hall for their shows. So another sports facility is planned with a sports hall, pitch and dedicated clubhouse but the First World War intervenes.


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