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04 questions for Kampl: “I called Messi”

Last year he joined the Werkself at the last moment and now Kevin Kampl has been through the whole pre-season under Roger Schmidt and is someone who wants to go forwards on and off the pitch.
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Just before the long-awaited afternoon off he took time out for a new edition of our series “04 questions from us, 04 questions from you”. Here he explains what he does in his time off and his thoughts on the new season. And the final fan questions on #B04inAustria on Twitter and Facebook have a lot to say. Thank you for your keen involvement.

Kevin, more than half the training camp is done and dusted. An honest answer: How heavy are your legs?

Kampl: “Pretty heavy. Training camps are always very intensive so that’s the way it has to be. But I think we’ve taken a big step forward. We’re on the right track so I can cope with the heavy legs.”

Yesterday’s rugby practice must have done you in.

Kampl: “Yes, completely. But it was great fun. It was good for your head too to do something different from just football or running sessions. Rugby is a cool sport where you can only be successful as a team.”

Talking about teams: You look like a real unit herein Zell am See-Kaprun. Is the atmosphere as good as it looks?

Kampl: “Absolutely! This is the third year of the project so everything runs smoother. You know it all inside out and the new signings could not fit into the team better. None of them had had problems settling in and that says it all about our team spirit.”

The coaching staff have given everybody the afternoon off and you said you’d like to a sightseeing flight over the SalzburgerLand. So somebody wants to hit the heights...

Kampl: (laughs) “I think everybody here knows this season is going to be very tough. We do have a good squad but our competitors aren’t going to stand still. I just wanted to see the surroundings because we’ll be back home in a couple of days and then we have a strenuous season ahead of us where we want to be successful.”

Jacek Kij: How do you feel knowing Messi has copied your hairstyle?

Kampl: (laughs) “I’ve already called him to say that’s not on normally. But because it’s Lionel I’ve said in this case it’s alright. And it really suits him.”

@SergioSahne: Can you imagine staying at #Bayer04 for ever?

Kampl: “At the age of 25 it’s obviously very difficult to answer a question like that when you’ve got years of football ahead of you. But what I can say is: I’m over the moon to have returned to Bayer 04 after so many diversions. I grew up here, I played here during my whole time as a youth player and I want to achieve something here. I definitely want to win a trophy with Bayer 04.”

Sebastian Blum: What’s like playing yourself on FIFA?

Kampl: “To be honest: I don’t know as I don’t play FIFA much. If a team-mate is about and someone tosses me a console then I’m usually Real Madrid and I’m not in that squad. So I can’t really make a judgment.”

@SebastianOhme: There’s incredible competition in midfield this season. Does that spur you all on or does it put you under pressure?

Kampl: “Competition is always good. I can handle it really well as it means you have to give your all un every training session and every game. I’m glad we’ve reinforced our squad because we saw last season, when we had our run of injuries, how difficult it is if the same people play all the time. We’ll need every single player.”

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